Welcome to Dragon's Inn. This Site hosts a TeamSpeak3 Server along with the home pages to other sites as well. This TeamSpeak3 Server is dedicated to mostly MMOs to help keep chatting amoungst groups and Guilds/Kins nice and easy. Some of the channels that are available are for:

  • Lord of the Rings Online
  • Age of Conan Online
  • Rift Online
  • Everquest 2 Online
  • World of Warcraft Online
  • Atheros - Minecraft Server
  • Of course others will open up upon request and or whats out there. Each game will have an open to everyone channel and then channels dedicated to Guilds/Kins with user permissions being granted by Admin.

    All you need to join the Dragon's Inn community is to download the correct client (off to the left). 64x for 64bit OSs and 32x for 32bit OSs. After client is installed -

    connect to: dragons-inn.no-ip.org
    User Name: Please use your ingame character name so we know who you are
    Password: (this is not used, just leave blank)

    and that's it. I hope you enjoy our little community.